Cultural Heritage Talks Session 2 – 3rd February 2022

2022-02-03 9 a.m. (GMT +7)
“a series to reveal the true meaning of historical areas”



Session 02
“Respecting Genius Loci through inspiring Architecture”

Ar. Sang Leem Lee, PhD – Architect, SOUTH KOREA


  • Josef Priyotomo, Prof. Dr. (Academician)
  • Ar. Etty Padmodipoetro, AIA (Urban Designer, US)
  • Paschalis Maria Laksono, Prof. ,Dr., M.A. (Antropologist)

Laretna T. Adishakti (Heritage Activist)

Date & Venue
(THU) 3rd February 2022 at 09.00 a.m.
(Western Indonesian Time / GMT +7)

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Cultural Heritage Talks


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Yogyakarta is one cities in Indonesia which well known for its rich culture and historical
tourism. Its center is located along imaginary axis that stretches from North to South, connecting
Mount Merapi to the South Seas of Parangkusumo Beach, while the Palace is located in between.
This line has a deep philosophical meaning and is one of the starting points of the city’s urban
planning. In short, within the urban area, from the White Pal Tugu Monument in the North to the
Krapyak Stage in the South, on along the imaginary axis, there is also a philosophical axis. It is
basically a spiritual concept when the city of Yogyakarta was built more than 250 years ago.

The Malioboro is a street located right on the philosophical axis. It acts as the city center
where trade, tourism, economic and office activities as well as cultural events take place. More
than 250 years ago, Malioboro transformed into a core of economic activity through a traditional
market during the reign of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Since 1758, Malioboro has continued
to exist as a trading zone and has become one of the areas that represents the face of Yogyakarta

The government, in collaboration with Indonesian Institute of Architects Yogyakarta
Chapter, is trying to discover the best solution for the future development of Malioboro by having
dialogues, bringing the complexity of its problems inherent due to eras and interests. The future
development of Malioboro requires a holistic solution, which involves all stakeholders. Three
expectations to be obtained as follows:
• Renewal for the sustainability of historical areas or respecting urban history for the sake of
regional sustainability and a better future.
• Strengthening local wisdom requires respect for locality through inspiring architecture.
• And respect the context of a smart, friendly and arts-cultured environment to regenerate
the city of the future.

The Culture Heritage Talks accommodate many ideas from sociologists, anthropologists,
urban planner, archaeologists, humanists, artists, architects, and community leaders. These ideas
are expected to broaden our knowledge in understanding Malioboro as well as its broad
relationship with Yogyakarta, in the past and present, towards the future city that we dream of.

This event will be held in 3 consecutive webinar sessions on 20th January, 3rd February, and 17th
February 2022. The sub-themes for each session are:
• Respecting the Urban history to Sustain the Old for better future
• Respecting Genius Loci through Inspiring Architecture
• Respecting Green-Art-Smart Context to regenerate the Old

This series will be part of the Musyawarah Provinsi X, the triennial meeting of Indonesian
Institute of Architects, Yogyakarta Chapter. It is expected to trigger deeper insights in looking at
Yogyakarta city’s future planning which carries all the hope and dream of its legacy, without
forgetting its historically precious past and the flourish and prosper present.


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